About Us


A Leader in Staffing & Recruiting

Based in Southern California, OGI is extremely knowledgeable about the regional employment market, working with top employers throughout Orange County and beyond.  The leadership team has been built over three decades, with composite experience reaching over 50 years, well exceeding most industrial and admin staffing agencies.  Such knowledge has empowered us to carve out an operation that stands out to customers, job seekers, strategic partners, suppliers and even industry peers.  Whether you’re looking for job opportunities relating to warehouse, manufacturing, production or office positions, you came to the right place.


Building Partnerships

Rather than playing a role of a staffing agency we see it as our responsibility to gain your respect as a staffing partner.  An important element of your success is the development of a team of vendors that you can count on.   Each selected supplier should see your interests as paramount to their own.    We will consistently look out for your interests first and foremost.  This assures a winning partnership. From assembly line jobs, to office and clerical jobs, to picking and packing jobs, we have the experience needed to find the talented professionals you need.


Our Team

Diligence and fortitude are necessary of our Staffers to succeed through our rigorous expectations.  They are developed to clearly understand how much we treasure the relationships we work so hard to build.  Our focus is to ensure that each company and each person we encounter quickly discovers OGI’s ability to meet their needs through competency and tenacity as the engine.


We shall strive daily in the pursuit of SUCCESS; as DEFINED BY our goals & objectives; as MEASURED BY our customer satisfaction; and as GUIDED BY our faith, our conscience, and our hearts.