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... Your guest speaker targeted so many key points that we were concerned with such as managing safety practices for new permanent and temporary employees, developing followup procedures after safety training, along with injury reporting and investigation.  Overall the Safety meeting was extremely effective and very informative!"

Safety Management

Optimus Group is a staffing leader at managing risk. Our Risk Management Department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At Optimus Group it is a priority to partner with companies who feel as strongly as we do about the importance of having safe work environments.  Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your safety program.

Client Work Site Evaluations

In cooperation with our clients, an Optimus Group representative can conduct a site survey and tour of your locations so that we can provide you with safety suggestions and recommendations, familiarize our employees who we place with you, and share your safety expectations before they arrive.  Special request for followup safety concerns are always welcome!

Accident Prevention

Optimus's screening is a key component in accident prevention.  We try to identify and screen out applicants with tendencies that could negatively impact our customers.   We seek to evaluate how our employees will perform essential job functions along with assessing their ability to follow instructions (both important elements in preventing accidents).


Safety Training

Few staffing agencies provide safety training. We provide safety training on two fronts.  First, we are able to provide quotes to companies for onsite seminar type training for most all types of industries and any group size.  We also provide reasonably priced forklift certifications.  Our custom training selections include many titles in English and Spanish with new titles being added regularly.  Secondly, Optimus's emphasis on safety culture can be seen through our commitment to the development of our employees related to general safety training and awareness including reward systems.

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